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    • Quality and Exclusiveness

    • Shockintown offers its potential members to get the access to a large collection of photo and video shot right on the busy streets of the city. Public nudity topic is very popular these days and, taking into consideration the small number of rivals in this niche, the site is in great demand among Web surfers. All the content available inside the Members Area is 100% exclusive. The minimum resolution of pics equals to 1024x768 Px, the maximum one - to 1500x100 Px. The video is offered in two formats - FLV (intended for streamline viewing in the Flash player) and WMV (downloadable one). Since 2008 the video clips come in the high-definition format of HDV.

    • Members Area updates.

    • All the sections of Shockintown Members Area get updated 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
      The site positions itself in the public nudity niche, thus, the majority of the offered scenes show models getting naked on the busy streets of the city. Still, we don't restrict ourselves to this kind of stuff only - the site has been selling successfully since 2004, which is long enough for us to have been able to understand that we can add certain variations into the content available inside the Members Area. Therefore, you can virtually divide the photo and video archive into three main subsections:

    • Types of content inside Shockintown Members Area

      • Public Nudity

      • Pure classics. The girls get naked in front of strangers passing them by in the street. It wasn't by chance that we have decided to give our site the name of Shockintown - believe us, we have shocked a lot of passers-by in the process of our shoots.

      • Snowy Erotica

        We have decided to start filming the girls in winter among all that snow and ice after an opinion poll conducted among the members of Shockintown. 42% of the members stated that they would love to see charming young models posing naked against snowy and icy backgrounds.

      • Beach Erotica

        This kind of stuff is much closer to the public nudity fetish. We offer the potential members of Shockintown to get access to exclusive shoots that have taken place at the best nudist beaches all over Europe. Professional nude models posing right next to sunbathing amateurs… It's worth saying that the members of our site were really enthusiastic about our decision to expose content of this kind at the pages of Shockintown.

  2. Promo tools

    Of course, we do offer a standard set of promo tools to our advertisers. After becoming a member of our affiliate program you will get the access to the collection of photo and video galleries of excellent quality - the collection that gets updated on a regular basis. All our partners get notice emails containing all the necessary information about the updates in FHG, FHS and ZIP-file categories. You will also be able to use all our banners, promo texts and zip-files with photo and video content. Besides, you will be able to post an RSS feed containing promo materials by Macdollars.net at your blog. We give you a double opportunity with this offer - first, your blog gets filled up with top-quality content updated 2-3 times a week automatically. Second, our RSS is compatible with the morphing mode, which makes the text of the posted topic absolutely exclusive for each of the blogs. There's no need to say how important it is from the point of view of SEO technologies.
    Here we offer you to take a look at several sample FHGs that we supply our partners with - Sample 2
    And here are several blogs that use our RSS feed - Sample 3

  3. Support service

  4. The program includes a ticket system that allows you to keep in touch with the support service of the affiliate program. We don't just resolve the problems that you come upon and answer your questions - we also do our best to satisfy your demand for new promo tools, promo content, overall project modernization, etc. We have been out on the Web market for quite a long time already and have dealt with all imaginable levels of advertiser support. We are sure that your collaboration with us will bring you financial success. The work with Macdollars.net will also help you to increase your professional skills.

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