Have a question?   Need to know a little more about MacDollars.net?   Browse through this FAQ section for any information that you want or may have forgotten to ask.   If you do not find the answer here, send your message through our support form for the answer.

  1. How do I make money with MacDollars.net?
    MacDollars.net offers
    • 50% Revenue Share On Subscriptions
      We pay you 50% of all gross sales (subscriptions).  Not net sales.  Net profits is the remaining amount after the subtraction of transactions fees, administration fees, etc...   MacDollars.net pays on gross sales so that we deliver you more money.

      The Revenue Share program includes all trial sign-ups, monthly sign-ups, recurring monthly transactions and retention transactions.  You earn 50% for the life of the active member!
    • 5% Webmaster Referrals
      We pay you 5% of all referred webmasters sales.   This includes subscriptions and store sales.   Why not have other hard working webmaster create income for you simply by referring them to MacDollars.net.

      This extra 5% is an override amount and is not deducted from the referred webmaster, it is deducted from our profit percentage and paid directly to you.

  2. Where do I get my account information, linking codes, support, etc?
    Create a new affiliate account today and you will instantly be set up with a new account and be emailed your new account login.
  3. How often does your statistics update?
    Our affiliate system updates in real-time.   The same time any subscription or store sale happens, your account will show your profit.
  4. How often do you pay affiliates?
    We run timely payout stats of our webmasters on the 1st and 16th of every month.  Please allow our processing department approx.3 business days to pay out your money.   ePassporte recipients are paid quicker.   Wire transfer payments require a minimum of $1,000 or more during any payout period.
  5. What methods of payments do you offer?
    The default method of payment is by ePassporte.  You can decide if you want to receive payments via ePassporte, CG Pay, Web Money or by Direct Wire Deposits.   Wire deposits have a fee of $25-$35 depending on your banking institution.
  6. What is the minimum amount that you send?
    Your account must accrue a minimum of $200 (wire deposite - $1 000).   If your account did not accrue this minimum, the earned balance is carried forward and added into the next pay period.
  7. Can I use my affiliate account for all my websites?
    Yes.  In fact we recommend this method because it will accrue your earnings balance faster which can help keep your payout amount above the minimum.
  8. Do you provide marketing or promotional support?
    Absolutely.  MacDollars.net provides a wide array of marketing and promotional material such as Free Hosted Banners, FPA's, HPA's, Galleries, Downloadable Content etc.
  9. How reliable is your payment processing system?
    Our system is designed to provide payment options through 2 highly reliable and reputable transaction processors -CCBill and Zombaio.  If one of these processor's secure payment servers is unavailable, our system will automatically cascade into the secondary processing option.
  10. Where can I read your Terms and Conditions?
    Before you can become a MacDollars.net webmaster, you must agree to our Affiliate Agreement on our sign-up form.
  11. Who is MacDollars.net and why should I choose to join it's affiliate program?
    With X-Nudism.com starting in 1999 and it's cash program Macdollars.net in 2002... the company is respected for it's exceptional webmaster program providing unmatched stability, reliability, support and trust to paying thousands of adult webmasters on time every 2 weeks.
  12. I have a question not mentioned here.
    Use our support form to contact our sales managers.  They will be happy to assist you in any way.

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